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5 Free Online Games That Are Very Popular on the Internet

There are thousands of free games available on the Internet, but not all of them are worth your time. These games can be downloaded on to your PC for free or even played online through the web browser. So, we’ve compiled a list of 4 free fun games online, which have gained tremendous popularity across the globe –


This is one of the “classic Indiana Jones” types of game, wherein players have to escape death traps hiding around every corner in a cave. In different stages of the game, you have to face number of enemies. The interesting factor in this game is that it is randomized and in every single game it throws you into a new challenge with a variety of combinations.

You should learn how to steal from the shopkeepers at each level, and by rescuing girls in distress you can replenish your health. As you turn around every corner, the game keeps throwing in new surprises at you, which makes it all the more exciting.

Beneath a Steel Sky

This game is a classic scientific adventure, developed by Revolution in Britain. Beneath the Steel Sky in the comic-book style, it also has an ironic sense of humor.  This game uses virtual machine or ScummVM, which helps you to play classic Lucas Art games even if the computer systems are modern. There are many other games like Lure of the Temptress, Drascula or Flight of the Amazon Queen, which uses the same strategy like Beneath a Steel Sky.


This game is almost similar to Spelunky in that it is randomized. Although the game has graphical modes, it still uses ASCII characters. In this, the game can be saved only once to keep you losing the progress. If you do only one mistake, then you will lose the progress of all the days. A tough monster may defeat you or mistake poison for a health potion and will end the game. The object of this game is to become the king of tasteless people (nerds) by retrieving the Amulet of Yendor.

Desktop Tower Defence

This is one of the real-time strategy games, which represent the entire genre. To fight against the enemy army, you have to build small units like tanks and soldiers to fight. In order to create different possibilities to try and stop the enemy from crossing over to the other side, we have to build fixed castle. This game is fairly simple in the first few levels. But, in the later stage, it is difficult to stop the enemies, who are advanced. This game is so popular that there are millions of Desktop Tower Defence games in different forms. It is also available in commercial version such as The Awakening Plants Vs Zombies, and Defense Grid.


The best gaming experience for those who are pet lovers is now offered online. NeoPets features a sequence of small games that are played in various places in a virtual land or world called NeoPia. You have flexibility to create and design your interested pet and then discover NeoPia along with your pet. There are many situations or settings with which, you can explore the wonderful Fairyland, the scary Terror Mountains and Celebrations of Krawk Island to keep you engaged throughout the time.

Most of the free games can be downloaded on to your PC and played online. These online games are becoming very popular with the surge in usage and popularity of Internet at global levels.

So, go ahead and give it a try to these 5 cool games, and drop in your comments, if you think any of your favorite games deserve a spot in our list.


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3 Legendary Superhero Games that Offer an Amazing Gaming Experience to the Kids

While most of the movie games have turned out to be a big failure, online games like Spider-Man 2 and “Batman: Arkham Asylum” have proven that superhero games can be enjoyable and fun. Such games fascinate kids to a great extent, no wonder even the teens, and adults just love to play these games. Just because of their Interest and enthusiasm, game developers started developing innumerable superhero games online for kids, creating greater scope in the markets.

Superhero Games Pack In Emotions Excitements and Fun

All time superheroes like Batman, Spiderman, and Superman have gained lots of popularity in the gaming world. Online games based on these superheroes are devised to offer an amazing gaming experience to the players. The level of creativity that is used in illustrating the power of superheroes along with the personality of the character is unrivaled. So, the gamers get to discover the individual behind such superheroes and obtain a fulfilling and realistic experience when playing these games.

Superman – The Epic Saga

Superman is supposed to be one of the most primitive superheroes, chiefly due to the hit movies of this superhero that were released some decades back. Though the passion for Superman television series and movies reduced over the years, this superhero has preserved a strong presence online. There are many Superman online games based on varying themes to upkeep the interest of kids. The reason for his everlasting popularity is associated with his intense strength and powers. While most of the Superman games highlight his superior strength, few of them focus on his laser visual capabilities that can devastate things within no time. Actually, he is regarded to be the trendsetter in the superhero world and even to this day kids identify this mighty and old superhero.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Though not as popular as Superman, Batman has also gained significant popularity among the kids. His heroic nature blended with unusual power has gained him the fame in the online gaming world of superheroes. The first batman game was introduced in the year 1986 and ever since he has preserved his popularity among the gaming aficionados.  Batman: Arkham Asylum, which was released in the year 2011, is a highly famous game; it is regarded to be one among the best of all the batman games.

Spiderman – The Latest Sensation

Spiderman, one more successful superhero, is equally famous as Superman and has entered the gaming world with a great hype. The credit goes to the Spiderman movies that created a sensation among the fans of this superhero. There are many free Spiderman games that can be played online without the need to download or install any files.

A quick search on the Internet with the phrase “Spiderman games” will fetch hundreds of sites with different types of flash games. Console-based Spiderman games are also highly popular. They are also offered on PlayStation 2, 3, Nintendo Wii, and Xbox Live platforms.

How to Play Them Online?

Usually, kids can play these games by just registering on the gaming sites online; though they can also consider options like playing on consoles like Nintendo DS, PlayStation, Wii, and Xbox. These graphical illustrations in such games replicate the accurate character in comics.

Irrespective of whether it is an amazing game that involves bearing the world on shoulder or web-slinging heroic activities, superhero games are addictive, and they are the all-time favorites of kids and adults alike.

So, go ahead and give it a try to your favorite superhero game today, and unleash the gamer within you!


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Spotlight on the Top Advantages of Virtual World Games for Kids

With the investigation conducted by BBC, it has been found that children have huge benefits from the online world. This online world helps in the overall growth of child. This is the world where your kids realize the things they can do in the practical world.

Is the Virtual World Bad or Good for Children?

Virtual world is beneficial for different age group children in different ways. Many researches have been done by BBC on this virtual world. They have found online world to be a huge benefit to children. There are many people who believe that this virtual world is a hazard for children, but in reality it is not! Since this world helps children to connect with people, it helps them develop the capabilities of mixing with everyone. Kids, who lack social skills and are shy in nature, will definitely be greatly benefited from the Internet. However, it’s also essential for parents to monitor the browsing habits of their children. And, the same pretty much applies to selection of games.

Virtual Gaming Helps the Kids in Improving Concentration Levels

We are now living in the era of highly developed computer technology and have the access to virtual world at our fingertips. By harnessing the power of virtual world, kids can improve their concentration, and capacity to understand things, cultivate interests in various subjects, and educational concepts. Virtual gaming can indirectly help the child’s development in academics too.

It has been found from research that children who use more of this virtual world not only tend to develop the capacity to understand things better, but this can also help them in improving their IQ, and socialize better. There’s also a great educational value associated to virtual gaming, as it helps children concentrate on education, develop curiosity in their thoughts, and develop decision-making capabilities.

Virtual Gaming Allows Children to Explore Things in Life

The virtual world is exactly a replica of practical life. It allows children to go through hundreds of locations across the globe. They can download numerous games, meet famous people, get new friends, build their houses, purchase island, discover places, and solve many ideas and uncover the secrets, right through a game. This is the best way for them to get explore life, without any risk. The virtual world allows them to understand things like geography and much more.

In virtual world, children are introduced to duplicates of people and racial discrimination seen in the real world. All this helps them understand the bitter realities of life. Parents should be selective in the process, and allow children to play only games that don’t have any adverse impact on their delicate minds. Some of the violent games can be quite disturbing to small children, and parents must not allow their kids to be exposed to such games.

Playing online games with your children gives you better knowledge about the children’s level of training, which they get, from these video games, and also an additional way of bonding with them.

Educational Games

Educational virtual games help children as well as adults, since they have a combination of different imagination, learning activities, and various amusing games. This world has a variety of games like video games of action, contests, and puzzle fixing, attractive facts with learning actions- all these are mixed to offer great fun. There are many games, which have a combination of educational aspects such as geography, math, and also English background in these video games. By this, kids learn things while they are playing.

These types of virtual world games help children to earn cash when many activities are completed. This cash can be utilized to purchase stationery, books or domestic pets. The real aspect of virtual world games, which mainly concentrate on education, can be monitored by parents by registering with merchant account and linking it to children’s account. By doing so, parents can have control over their children’s actions.